Documentary, 23 min 7 sec, B&W
©Muqarnas Film

Chabrol á Biarritz (2002); in French only from Hisham Bizri on Vimeo.

Videography: Omar Khan, Lionel Darmendrail, Hisham Bizri
Montage & Direction: Hisham Bizri
Colorist: Peter McAuley

Excerpts from Claude Chabrol's film The Color of Lies (1999)


Shot in the French coastal town of Biarritz during the 15th edition of the International Festival of Audiovisual Programs in 2002, this film creates an intimate portrait of the French filmmaker Claude Chabrol who was a member of the jury. Chabrol shares his views about language, nationalism, cinema today, technology and the internet, and reminisces about Eisenstein, Hitchcock, Lang and his passion for filmmaking.