Fortunato Depero

Fortunato Depero was born on 30 March 1892 at Fondo, Trento.

He trained in Rome under Giacomo Balla and his early career was spent in the shadow of the master. While most of his fellow Futurists regarded themselves as painters, sculptors, musicians and poets, Depero pursued a career as a commercial designer. 

In 1915 he co-wrote with Balla the Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe manifesto in which the work of art is understood as both object and action. Their aim was to reconstruct the universe as a dynamic place where the essence of objects would be released by their motion and avoided the joyless heaviness they perceived in traditional objects. 

In 1919 he established the House of Futurist Art in Rovereto, producing toys, tapestries and furniture in the Futurist manner.

His Futurist style is seen most readily in his graphic design work, especially in his innovative and famous 'bolted book' Depero Futurista of 1927.

From 1928 to 1930 helived in New York Working at Vanity Fair and Vogue. During this time his name was included in the signatories of the Manifesto of Aeropainting although he ventured little into this area.

During the years of Fascist power, Depero was happy to collaborate with them and his workshops produced a substantial body of work of all descriptions for the Fascists.

Depero died on 29 November 1960 at Rovereto.

Select Works by Fortunato Depero