Antonio Sant’Elia

Antonio Sant'Elia was born on 30 April 1888 in Como, Italy

In 1912 he moved to Milan where he opened his own design office and became involved with the Futurist movement. Between 1912 and 1914, very influenced by industrial cities of the United States and the Viennese architects Wagner and Loos, he began a series of design drawings for a futuristic Città Nuova (new city) that was conceived as symbolic of a new age.

In August 1914 his manifesto Futurist Architecture was published in Lacerba in which he stated "the decorative value of Futurist architecture depends solely on the use and original arrangement of raw or bare or violently coloured materials." 

In 1915, as a staunch socialist, Sant'Elia joined the army along with Marinetti, Boccioni and others. He was killed on 10 October 1916, taking part in an assault at Monfalcone.

Select works by Antonio Sant’Elia