FALL 2002

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Instructor: Hisham Bizri
Voice: 617-452-2484
Office hours: by appointment
Course hours: MW 10:00-11:45
Course Location: Walker room 417 (ATL)


Course Description
This course examines major themes in 20th century art and the influence on film and media cultures

Course Requirements and Grading
Class attendance and participation is mandatory
    1. Class presentations (50%)
    2. Final paper(50%)  

Course Objectives
The course will provide a theoretical, cultural, aesthetic, and historical analysis of 20th century art and investigates their relationships to new media. In-class discussions, readings, presentation, and vie wings. Our goals will be to:
       1. explore the major 20th century art movements
       2. overview various communication technologies  

Required Texts
Arendt, Hannah, On Violence, Harcourt, 1970
Benjamin, Walter, Illuminations, New York, 1985
Baudrillard, Jean, Simulacra and Simulation, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1994
Breton, Andre, The Surrealist Manifesto, [Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1972
Druckeery, Timothy. Electronic Culture: Technology & Visual Representation, New York: Aperture, 1997
Whitford, Frank, The Bauhaus, London: Conran Octopus, 1992

Essays From
Friedman, Ken, The Fluxus Reader, New York : Academy Editions, 1998
Manovich, Lev, The Language of New Media, MIT Press 2000
Marinetti, Fillipo Tommaso, Let's Murder the Moonshine: Selected Writings
Tzara, Tristan, Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries, London: Calder, 1977 

Weekly Presentations
The students are required to present and discuss the readings and screening as well as write short reports.
Weekly Schedule
Week 1 Concepts of Art: The Debate
Week 2  What is Avant-Garde?
Readings: Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries
Week 3  Mechanical Reproduction and the avant-garde
Reading: "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
Research: Dada exercise
Week 4 Screening: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari & Metropolis
Week 5 Screening: Solaris 1 & 2
Week 6  The Issue of Violence
Reading: On Violence &Let's Murder the Moonshine
Screenings: Man Ray, Bunuel, Dali
Week 7 Expressionism
Reading: Four Expressionist Manifestos
Week 8 Dada and Surrealism
Reading: selections from The Surrealist Manifesto
Screening: F for Fake
Week 9 Antoin Artaud
Reading: selection from Artaud Reader
Screening: Dreyer's Joan of Arc
Week 10 The Bauhaus
Reading: selections from The Bauhaus
Week 11 Fluxus & Concepts in New Media Art
Reading: selections from Electronic Culture & from Fluxus
Screening: Blade Runner
Week 12


Week 13 Concepts in New Media Art
Reading: selections from Electronic Culture
Week 14 Concepts in New Media Art
Paper presentation and discussion
Final paper due